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At Willow Creek, we’re always ready with the support you need so you can enjoy each day, your way.

SERVICES OFFERED AT Willow Creek IN Elizabethtown, KY

Together At
Willow Creek

We appreciate gumption, and we cherish our residents’ self-reliant spirit. We also understand that aging can bring new challenges.

Our Assisted Living Community enables you to be your best, by stepping in with just the right support, just when you need it.

Going Places

Experience true convenience, on your terms, when you enjoy a ride on our scheduled transportation. Need to run to the store, get to a dentist appointment, or just drop in at the local diner? No problem, we’re ready and waiting to take you where you want to go.

A Home To Be Proud Of

A well-kept home brings peace of mind. You can relax in comfort knowing that our staff has it taken care of—even the utilities are covered. We’ll handle cumbersome tasks like garbage removal and laundry, while our weekly housekeeping service will keep your living space sparkling clean and looking its best.

Smiles Around The Table

Sunlight streams through the windows and the comforting aroma of fresh-brewed coffee fills the air. It’s the perfect start to the morning as you take your seat at the breakfast table with a group of your closest friends. Your server brings the eggs and waffles, and the conversation turns to plans for enjoying this beautiful day.

Dining at Willow Creek is more than just the convenience of three delicious and healthy meals each day—it’s an opportunity to gather and savor life’s moments in community.

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